Oasis Shades® Roller Shades are manufactured from vinyl-coated polyester architectural shade fabric. Made for either indoor or outdoor use, they are best suited for applications where high sun exposure is undesirable. Reducing ambient temperatures by as much as 29°, they offer a substantial reduction in heat and UV damage. Easily deployed or retracted, they can provide instant shade or can be rolled up in high winds.

Their outdoor use in pool screen enclosures and sun rooms provide respite from the sun’s heat, reflective glare and harmful ultra violet rays. They are also very beneficial in adding a significant degree of privacy, especially in homes without mature shrubberies. Oasis Roller Shades are designed to be used for both residential and commercial applications.

Roller shades are custom-made to the owner’s exact specifications and are a relatively easy project for the do-it-yourself-er. However, professional installation is readily available.

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Roller Shade
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If you are like most homeowners, you’re not using your outdoor living areas nearly as often as you would like in the hot summer months due to extreme sun exposure and heat. Unless the home was built with adequate shaded areas, the only way to get any respite from the sun is with a patio umbrella which provides a very limited amount of shade and quite often not where it is desired. With Solar Shade Solutions custom suspension shades, you can choose to shade as small or as large an area as you wish, thus decreasing the ambient temperature by as much as 35°. The addition of suspension shades will allow your family to enjoy their outdoor areas more often and much more comfortably. The homeowner can also expect an increase in property value from the investment in such an amenity.

For the homeowner, an economically viable alternative to our custom suspension shades is simply non-existent. Relatively speaking, hard roofed structures are very expensive and generally unattractive. No fair comparison can be made with a patio table’s umbrella that, at best, will shade only a very small area. Typically a single suspension shade will provide from 250-900 sq. ft. of shaded area. A patio deck with adequate shading will be significantly cooler as radiant, reflective and ambient heat is greatly reduced and glare is eliminated. Suspension shades create a virtual oasis that’s like sitting under a large shade tree, but without any leaves to rake.

Just a few of the outdoor areas that will benefit from suspension shade structures and extend the comfortable living area of your home are pool decks, patios, BBQ areas, children’s play areas, tennis courts, driveways, pet shelters, and RV and boat parking.


Both playgrounds and ballparks benefit greatly from any one of several types of attractive and vibrant shade structures available for these applications. Play equipment on tot lots often go unused in summer months because they are simply too hot and will burn a child’s sensitive skin. Whether shading playground equipment, picnic areas or adding structures to shade and protect spectators and players, shading these areas will create a virtual oasis and respite from the suns heat and extremely harmful UV.

A financial consideration would be the substantial investment that has been made in the equipment, which if left unprotected will quickly deteriorate from excessive direct sun exposure. In a relatively short time UV and heat will destroy the smooth surfaces of the plastic molded slides and other components. Sun exposure will also fade them and all painted steel parts of the structure making them far less attractive and inviting. An additional benefit to shaded areas is that they will stay drier and cleaner even without using water-proof fabric. Another major consideration is that suspension fabric structures are relatively inexpensive compared to their alternative hard roof structures. They will give a very attractive and inviting look to most any application.

Most suspension structures are inherently lighting protected or bonded for total protection. Our structures are designed for severe weather and wind loads making them much more durable than their hard-roofed counterparts. All of our shade systems are designed to allow quick and easy removal of the shade fabric if a hurricane or very serious weather conditions should threaten.


Theme parks’ revenues are greatly impacted by the length of time their patrons remain on property especially given Florida’s volatile weather. Having adequate shaded areas for waiting lines, vendors, spectators, outdoor eating and rest areas will have a positive effect on the duration of their stay and consequently the amount they will spend. Colorful and highly visible suspension shades will also create an exciting and vibrant atmosphere. Waterproof shade material is available when necessary, protecting personal and equipment and making waiting lines and staging areas for patrons much more comfortable. Suspension structures are relatively inexpensive compared to hard-roof structures and are inherently protected from lightning. Having these wonderful amenities will certainly be appreciated by all and are likely to increase attendance from previous patrons telling their friends of the delightful time they had at your park.


Attractive suspension shades offer a very high visual impact attracting more patrons from the street as well as word of mouth recommendations from previous patrons. They afford virtual signage, without additional code enforcement restraints, that makes the statement: “We care about our customers’ comfort and convenience.” Shades will afford better outdoor employee productivity with far less attrition. There are several utility and decorative lighting options as well as fans with or without misters to cool patrons and staff on hot, summer days. They offer inherent lightning protection for customers, employees and property. And maybe the best part, when compared to conventional hard-roof structures, is they are relatively inexpensive and increase property value.



Shade Ports are cantilevered shade structures for parking lots providing not only a protective shade environment for residents’ vehicles, but also adding an aesthetically-pleasing amenity to the property. Infinitely more attractive than their four post aluminum counterparts, Shade Ports are designed to be virtually hurricane-proof. The standard Shade Port accommodates two full-sized automobiles, with custom sizing for handicapped-access and other special requirements. Shade Ports cost no more than typical four-post aluminum carports that can no longer be insured in Florida. They can be constructed side-by-side and/or back-to-back, in any quantities. They are designed to allow for additional Shade Ports to be added for future expansion.

Market study in this area indicates an apartment resident’s willingness to pay anywhere from $35 to $85 a month for this preferred parking convenience. Tenants will enjoy the creature comforts of parking in the shade, never having to get into a stifling hot car, or entering and exiting their car without being drenched in the rain while fumbling with an umbrella. A property owner has only to look at this investment’s initial cost, the fact that the Shade Ports begin to pay for themselves from the time they are installed, the relatively short time it takes to pay them off, and the exceptional return on investment thereafter. From the owner’s viewpoint, having Shade Ports will almost certainly influence a prospective new tenant’s decision on which complex to choose, all other amenities being the same. This will almost certainly have a positive effect on vacancy rates and the property owner’s bottom line because a number of parking spaces that would otherwise be un-shaded and free can now generate outstanding net profits.


Resident condominium owners that have been surveyed will enjoy the creature comforts of parking in the shade, and never having to get into a stifling hot car, or entering and exiting their car without being drenched in the rain while fumbling with an umbrella. We found that they were also interested in the amenity’s added value potential to attract buyers if selling their property. Multiple-condo owners realized that Shade Ports would make their units easier to lease and provide increased revenues. Development owners have seen Shade Ports as an important amenity to attract buyers away from their competition without this shade provision. The general consensus among property appraisers we have consulted is that the cost of Shade Ports is offset by the increased property value.


Auto dealership owners perceive Shade Ports as an attractive, comfortable addition that is more conducive to their customers’ positive buying decision by creating a virtual oasis for customers, inventory and sales staff. The customer’s perception is that Shade Ports are a very thoughtful amenity, having a positive psychological impact on their purchasing decision. The sales staff sees them as invaluable in hot or rainy conditions. Given the code restrictions and limitations on a dealerships’ signage, consider the importance of the visual impact from the street that makes the statement: “We are considerate of customer’s comfort and convenience - rain or shine.” Other factors for dealerships to consider would be that the vehicle’s interior temperature can be reduced by as much as 45 degrees, eliminating stifling, superheated air and scorching upholstery. Inventory is sheltered from rain, dust, and bird droppings, and doesn’t require washing as often. Shade Ports protect from hail damage and will likely lower insurance premiums on inventory. They bring an upgraded, vibrant look to even the older facilities. They can also be relocated to another area if necessary.


The exposed top floor of a parking garage is the last place anyone chooses to park, not just because of the drive to get there, rather the fact that it is totally exposed to the elements. Owners of revenue-generating parking garages will realize increased profits and all will be providing comfortable, dry and safe shelter for patrons or employees. Shade Ports will greatly enhance the visual appearance of any structure. Shade Ports are substantially less expensive than the alternative false top floor. They are engineered to not adversely affect the parking structure’s wind load parameters or its structural integrity. Shade Ports can also give a high degree of lightning protection when bonded into a UL approved system. They can be used in conjunction with custom suspension shades providing sheltered walkways to and from stairwells and elevators. Solar powered LED lighting fixtures can be provided for safety and aesthetics with a number of options to choose from.