Solar Shade Solutions Inc. was incorporated in 2004 by its founder R.B. Brady who is currently its President and CEO. Mr. Brady, having an aeronautical engineering background, developed various shade systems in an effort to protect himself and his family from the dangers of ultraviolet exposure and for creature comfort.

Oasis Shades LLC, a subsidiary of Solar Shade Solutions Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of a full line of ready made and custom shades. They are manufactured from the very highest grade commercial materials available anywhere.

Many home owners find that they don't use their pool or patio areas nearly as often as they would like due to the sun exposure and extreme heat. Unless the home has been built with adequate shaded areas, the only way to get respite from the sun is to use a patio umbrella which provides a very limited amount of shade and quite often not where it is desired. With Solar Shade Solutions' custom suspension shades, the home owner can choose to shade as small or as large an area as they wish, thus decreasing the ambient temperature by as much as 35°. The addition of suspension shades allows the family to enjoy their patio area more often and much more comfortably, virtually extending the living area of their home. The home owner can also expect an increase in property value from the investment in such an amenity.

For the home owner, a viable and economical alternative to our custom suspension shades is simply non-existent. No fair comparison can be made with a patio table's umbrella that, unless the sun is directly overhead, won't shade more than 2 people sitting at the table. The largest umbrella may afford as much as 50 sq ft of shade whereas our typical single panel suspension shade may provide from 250-900 sq ft. A patio deck with a much larger shaded area will be significantly cooler as radiant, reflective, and ambient heat is reduced and glare virtually eliminated.

With 12 years of experience in shade structure design and development, Solar Shades offers a wide variety of shade structures for use in the residential, commercial, recreational, and agricultural applications for both shade and shelter.

Solar Shade Solutions Inc. is comprised of licensed engineers and contractors, certified manufacturing and fabricating personnel as well as knowledgeable representatives that will aid you in selecting from our product line. We can also custom design to fit your particular requirements. We are based in Orlando, Florida, and serve all of the U.S. and Canada. Most of our product line can be shipped world-wide, as well.

We look forward to the opportunity of supplying you with one of our innovative quality products.